Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ingame picture preview from Spingyro. Comming to Ipad.


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  2. Hello! For a long time looking for a game in which I played in ancient times on the 486th computer.

    The game under Windows-95 \ 98, in the windowed mode, logical, like Spindizzy Worlds, only instead of a ball - such a yule. The view is isometric. Rides a small field with a variety of traps, teleports, bonuses. The goal is to get to the exit to go to the next level. Kind of like playing nice music and was such a "space" background.
    The desired game production of 95 -2000-ies (played somewhere in 2000) and very similar to yours.

    I will wait for an answer!

  3. Hey Oleg. Are you thinking about Marble Madness? That game was an inspiration for my SpinGyro game.
    Try tjeck this link out on youtube. Its an awesome music remix of the game. Enjoy. :)